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 200W & 300W Brushless DC Motor - MMEB-074 Series
BLDC Motor The compact MMEB-074 Series 200watt & 300watt Brushless DC Motors achieve max. 2,800 RPM with 10kg/cm torque power to apply AGV (auto guide vehicle) and FA applications.
The unique coil winding technologiy features give a smooth and coggless start and easy speed / torque control.

The driver set can control the motors max. 17Ampere dc load.

Also available various Gear head (25:1 ~ 60:1) can provide wider applications in the field.


 Pump Temp. Alarm Monitoring System - TMS3000   KR Certified
Temp Monitoring System The Pump Temperature Monitor and Alarming System(TMS3000 system) which certified by the Korean Register of Shipping  for a cargo pumps, ballast pumps and stripping pumps etc.  is gathering temperature signals through the multiplexer transmitter which can install at the
hazardous area (Zone 0, Division 1) with dual redundant communication capability.
The Monitoring and Alarming on a touch screen LCD color graphic display panel can give a better, faster, easier  acknowledgement capability of the status.
The MMI can expanded to the engineering room, bridge and deck easily through the redundant communication cable.
The TMS3000 Digital Monitoring and Alarming system will give a better Reliability, Flexibility, Maintenancebility and
safety of your ships !









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